Pretzel Rolls – Attempt One

I have a tendency in the kitchen to get a little ambitious – that’s not to say that I try particularly difficult recipes, it’s more that I fail to follow recipes, assuming that I know enough about cooking and ingredient pairings to make things work.

To celebrate the holiday Monday and my boyfriend’s return from a long work trip, I tried to surprise him with with this recipe, twisting it by wrapping the dough around vegetarian sausages for a pretzel roll. Delicious, right?

Unfortunately, I failed to read two crucial parts: 

1) Use unsalted butter

2) The baking soda goes in the water, not the dough (side note – even the most entry-level baker should have realized that much baking soda is an absurd amount to include in any dough)

Needless to say, my alterations didn’t make for quite the welcome home meal I was hoping to produce. I did learn a few useful lessons though, which can be applied as much to other facets of my life as it can to cooking.

  • Sometimes, it’s worth it to follow the recipe for success, cliched as that might be. While great innovation can come from reinventing the wheel or starting from scratch, so can great failure.
  • Trust your instincts – I knew that I was putting in an absurd amount of baking soda, but I didn’t bother to double check the recipe. Sometimes, you have to check yourself.
  • When you fail at something, it helps to have a friend to laugh with (and make dinner for you the next two nights, if you’re as lucky as I was).

One thought on “Pretzel Rolls – Attempt One

  1. pretzel rolls are one of my most favorite things to eat in the world! If someone has not eaten one before they have no idea what they are missing! Best with burgers, bbq pork and pork sammies!

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